3 Best Cartoon Video Maker App For Android

Cartoon Video Maker: If you love cartoons and animation and are an artist as well, you shall definitely try out cartoon making applications we are about to suggest you, these apps are for all the users be it a beginner or an advanced artist we are going to suggest apps that fit well with all of the users.

So today we are going to tell you the best 3 Cartoon Video Maker apps for your amazing android devices, so without any further ado lets dig right into it.

Top 3 Cartoon Cartoon Video Maker Apps are

3. Draw Cartoons 2:

Draw Cartoons 2
Draw Cartoons 2

This app has been listed as number 3 on our list because it is an amazing application that allows you to draw cartoons as it converts the complex tasks of cartoon creations into a lot simpler and easier ways and also takes care of every other aspect of drawing cartoons and has amazing character constructor options as well as ways to publish your art.


  • keyframe usage to build smooth animations.
  • Export files easily and share them with friends.
  • Add voice or music to cartoons.
  • Character construction features to create your own cartoons.
  • dedicated library for characters and items storage.

2. Stick Nodes: Stickman Animator

Stick Nodes Stickman Animator
Stick Nodes Stickman Animator

Stick Nodes: Stickman Animator comes at second in our list of cartoon video maker apps as this application will help you to make amazing cartoons in stickman figures the great fact about using this app is that you don’t need much drawing skills to use this app and thus it is the best app for beginners and you can also create your stick figure cartoon videos and then export them as GIF or MP4 format as per your wish.


  • Export your characters as Gif as well as Mp4.
  • smoother animation by frame tweening.
  • add sounds and music to characters.
  • many characters and cartoons readily available on the app.
  • save, share, and import your cartoons, and much more.

1. FlipaClip: Cartoon animation

flipaclip cartoon animation
flipaclip cartoon animation

The FlipaClip Cartoon animation is the best app for today on our list of Cartoon Videomaker applications, The Flipaclip Ranks at number one because this is a very powerful and fun to use cartoon video maker app. where you can learn how to create the best animation and drawings and later on share it onto your favorite social media community be it WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

Flipaclip allows you to do a frame by frame animation and has a lot of amazing features as well, thus in our opinion, it is a must-have app on your device.


  • layer sorting feature.
  • Social sharing feature.
  • various kinds of animation as well as drawing tools.
  • features to add audio/ music
  • Features to add images and videos and a lot more.


If you are a beginner then you must go for the stick figure animation app (stick nodes) if you are a good learner and have a good compatibility smartphone then you must definitely go for Flipaclip as it is the best app that is out there or if you can’t use it then Draw cartoons is also a good choice.

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