Naruto Nine Tails – Kurama

Nine tails is one of the most powerful and fierce of all the tailed beasts in the Naruto Shippuden anime series. Tailed beasts were all creation of Hagaromo Otsutsuki in his days of waning, he used a powerful spell called “Creation of all Things” to create nine tailed beasts from the ten tails chakra.

All these nine tailed beasts had different names and abilities and soon after Hagaromo created them, they were told about a special link that existed between them even after they were all separated, that connected them with each other and someday in the future, they are all destined to come together to be one just like they once were (not exactly).

Amongst these beasts was one of the fiercest tailed beasts nine tails, also known as Kurama, who was sent to protect a temple amidst the forest and the mountains known to us as the land of fire. Kurama with passing time became known to everyone as a powerful entity of natural disaster.

Following the earlier creation of the Shinobis village, Kurama was faced by the Gold and silver brothers, who were there to capture it but the vicious nine tails swallowed them and kept them inside its stomach until they started eating its flesh from the inside to keep themselves alive and finally forcing it to spit them out.

Madara Uchiha was the first to get it under his control using his Sharingan only to make it right the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju. The fight had catastrophic collateral that almost destroyed the earth, Senju emerged successfully and the nine tails was later sealed within her wife, Mito Uzumaki to contain it from further disasters.

Nine Tails and the Birth of Naruto

Mito kept the fox sealed away inside her for years to come until finally she was getting old and she couldn’t restrain the fox’s power during her childbirth, so she had to choose another member of her clan to take this responsibility and it was Kushina Uzumaki who sealed the beast away inside her.

Kushina later married the 4th Hokage of the village, Minato Uzumaki. When Kushina was due with Naruto for childbirth, Minato Uzumaki made special arrangements to keep this a secret and took Kushina to a hidden place but Tobi, a masked man managed to track them down and killed everyone that was guarding the place of birth. Tobi took Kushina and unleashed the beast and took its control, Minato saved Kushina by teleporting her to a safe place while Tobi made the nine-tailed beast destroy the village of Konohagakure.

Naruto Nine Tails - Kurama
Naruto Nine Tails – Kurama

Minato fought off Tobi and managed to replenish his control over the fox but that didn’t stop it from causing havoc on the village. Minato had to teleport it to the place where Kushina and Naruto were, Kushina knew she wouldn’t last long so she used her powers to restrain the nine tails until finally deciding to seal it away in her newborn, Naruto’s body so that when Tobi returns Naruto would have the power to defeat him.

Final Words about Nine Tails

Nine tails AKA Kurama is a powerful beast amongst the others but being always used for fights and battles made him turn against the humans until it was finally sealed away in Naruto’s body who didn’t treat it like others which is something that changed the nine tails perspective about the world and the people living inside it.

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