Who is Goku Black?

When it comes to the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Anime, there is no doubt that Goku is one of them but as it happens to be there is more than one “Goku” in the series, the second one being Goku Black, I mean why not. But the question here is “who is Goku Black?”

Having a counter-part that resembles the same characteristics and appearance as the Hero is one of the trendy features that many shows are following and so is Akira Toriyama by introducing Goku’s evil counterpart from an alternate universe where he is originally known as Zamasu, an apprentice to the supreme kai for master Gowasu.

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Goku Black’s Background

Goku Black (formerly known as Zamasu) belongs to the unaltered timeline of Universe 10 where he serves as the apprentice to the supreme kai master Gowasu. He always had this dark and evil instinct inside of him which drives him to create this “Zero Mortals” plan to eradicate all the mortal beings. He then visits universe 6 and wishes upon the super dragon balls to switch bodies with Goku from universe 7 and Shenron granting his wish switches his body to that of Goku’s.

Goku Black

Goku Black’s First Appearance

Goku Black can be seen in the 47th episode of the Dragon Ball Super killing future trunks mother, which later turns into a battle between future trunk and him but against Goku Black’s immense power, future trunks stand no chance and so he merely escapes on a time machine and gets followed by Black.

Goku Black upon reaching the timeline finds Goku with Vegeta and Beerus and so the first epic clash between the two counterparts takes place but without any winners as Black’s time ring pulls him back to his original timeline. But that doesn’t stop him from achieving his zero mortals plan and so once again Goku and the rest are up against Black who manages to overpower the three by turning into Super Saiyan Pink before Future Zamasu joins him in the battle and forces the three to escape into the past to come up with a plan to defeat Black Goku and Zamasu.

And so, the epic battle between team Black and team Goku continues with team Black trying to destroy the mortal life and team Goku trying to save them. Who do you think wins?

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