An overview of the Dungeons & Dragons 5e Backgrounds

There are thirteen backgrounds that Dungeon and Dragons has officially announced in their player’s Hand guide. Each background is different from the other one in lots of senses. From Acolyte to Urchin, one has provided with the array of a variety of Background to choose from. Selecting a background could be difficult and puzzling but with a piece of prior knowledge and a keen interest in the particular style of role-playing or the background can make it easy and interest to select Dnd 5e backgrounds for your game.

Before selecting a background we need to have a sound knowledge of each background which is provided in the book but this article will help you understand the background in a simple and precise way.

DnD 5e backgrounds

Dungeons & Dragons 5e Backgrounds list


  • Religion is the main element of the background
  • You provide Shelter to your followers

As an acolyte, you are more into religion and rituals, either you have many followers as a religious leader or just a priest performing rituals in the temple.


  • Cunning and dual personality
  • Deception

Charlatans are interesting in my point of view because you have to maintain another personality while hiding your real self from the world. Deceiving people and exploiting their weaknesses for your benefit is one of your key attributes


  • Breaks the law
  • Criminal Contact

Criminals in DnD are the badass. They don’t respect the law and they have a long history of crimes and have a great contact in the world of criminals.


  • Happy go lucky type
  • Peoples’ person

Entertainers are the charms of the DnD world. They know captivate their audience with their Artistic works and their performance mesmerize their audience.

Guild Artisan

  • Skillful, professional and determined to serve
  • An important part of the mercantile world

They are the professionals and have mastered themselves in different skills. Either they work individually or they form a network. Their features allow them to make the most of their Guild by providing them support and assistance in different regards.


  • They are in search of something (a purpose, an answer or some unseen creature or land, etc.)
  • Live in isolation

Being exiled from their own land or leaving homeland for a purpose made a Hermit to get what they want which make them one mysterious and interesting.


  • Wealthy and Privileged in their standard
  • Have a family with a Title and Heritage

They are respected by people and people love being around them. Everyone admires their presence and tries not to do anything that displeases them in any sense.


  • Expert survivalists
  • They have sound knowledge of lands and layouts of land

Growing up in the environment where it tests you to your extreme makes an Outlander an expert Survivalists and they also can support and help their companions who are alongside them in an adventure.


  • Research and Studies
  • Master of Discipline of their interest

Sage dedicates his/her life to study something of their interest. They have mastered their filed by going through piles of books and manuscripts.


  • Above the sea dwellers
  • Could be Pirates

Sailors have dedicated their lives to the oceans. They serve on the particular ship destined for a particular purpose. They could also be Pirates and have an influence on owns and ports they have been to


  • Served in Military or in any armed force
  • Mastered the art of weapon and warfare

The soldier has spent a long time of life in the army or any military group and not only has he had influence in the force he served but also get his thing done by the virtue of his authority.


  • Street smart
  • Knows the city secrets

Living and growing up in the streets has made an Urchin learn how to survive to own their own. They live independently while fighting for basic things necessary for Survival. An Urchin knows the secret short cuts to the nearby cities that even native people don’t know.

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