Gacha Life Guide Tips Cheats and Tricks Every Player should know

It is the complete Gacha Life Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Tricks Every Player should know. Gacha Life is a very popular game that can be played on android and iOS for free. There are a lot of things that you can explore this game.

Let’s explore various tips and tricks that you must know if you are a Gacha Life players. With the help of these tips, you can enhance your performance in this game.

Gacha Life game

Gacha Life game

Create your own Characters

You can create multiple characters in this game. Apart from the creation of the character, you can also change their outfits, hair, skin color, accessories and much more.

Try the Studio Mode

In the studio mode, you can create a beautiful scene with the help of all characters. You can take the group photo of all the 8 characters. The players are allowed to save up to 9 scenes as well as reload them.

Make your Skits

The skits maker feature of this game allows the players to make up their own stories with every character. After making your skits, you can tap on the test skits button.

Raise Relationship Levels

Once you enter the Life Mode, you have to explore different areas and try to interact with different people and increase your friendship level with them. You can talk, ask to the other character. Offer gifts as well as play quiz with the other character. If you will offer the favorite gift of the character then it will increase your friendship points.

Rush To Level 10

You cannot communicate with other characters till you reach Level 10 so try your best to reach level 10 and have a lot of fun with other characters.

Play Mini Games

You can find 8 different mini-games, you can play them for fun. These mini-games can also help you to earn a lot of gems. Mini-Games is also one of the important parts of Gacha Life Guide Tips Cheats and Tricks Every Player should know. These games are interesting and offer simple gameplay. The names of 8 mini-games have been listed below:

  1. 1chi’s Math
  2. Picc Pawket Rhythm
  3. Duck & Dodge
  4. Phantom’s Remix
  5. Narwhal Sky
  6. Bex’s Festival
  7. Abushu Candy Toss
  8. Orca Sploosh

How To Get Free Gems – Gacha Life Guide

You can earn the free gems in this game by different methods. You can earn a lot of free gems by playing mini-games. Apart from it, you can also earn gems by claiming various rewards or tapping on the gift button. You can also subscribe to different game channels and earn free gems.

One of the easiest methods to earn gems in this game is to watch video advertisements. By watching a single video, you can earn up to 150 gems for free.

The Last Words

It was the complete Gacha Life Guide Tips, Cheats, and Tricks Every Player should know. We have explained all about it. We hope you would like this article.

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