Understand The Background Of Crystal Of Reunion Now

Strategy games are games that have gained popularity among the gaming community after the release of some well-known strategy game like AGE OF Empire, AGES OF MYTHOLOGY, AGES OF MYTHOLOGY TITANS by Microsoft for PC and after their huge success demands for such games but with different storyline and plots begin to appear for smartphones as well.  Strategy games are also available for Mobile and smartphones as well the well-known games among many strategy games are the Rise of Empire: Ice and Fire, Three Kingdom Resizing, World at Arms and many more.

There are many strategy games for mobile that are popular and one of them is Crystal of Reunion. COR is the game that shares almost the same features as every other strategy game. The basic idea of the game is to build an Empire which is in absolute control of yours and you are the only one ruling it.

But what makes COR Unique from the rest of the strategy games that are available for gameplay? Crystal of Reunion is a Japanese real-time tactical game, the idea of the game is that you are the king of an Empire which will be under your control and you will be assisted by the Hero whom you will select from the six given heroes.

That Hero will give you THE BASIC KNOWLEDGE of the game, on the other hand, there will be two sisters namely LULU and NANA who will also help you and guide you throughout the game. You are The King of an Empire and what makes you king is not an ordinary thing. It is THE RING possessing CORE CRYSTAL.

CORE CRYSTAL is the key to the MOTHER CRYSTAL which is located at the center of your very own kingdom and it possesses the WISDOM of various GODS. Not only Ring makes you a king of an Empire but also bestow you the power that no one possesses. So, now it is up to you to Build your Empire, lead your kingdom toward Greatness and become the best of the best.

In all of this process of becoming THE GREAT ONE you will encounter several other players who are also playing the game and now it is on your shoulders to decide whether to share your powers with them and get along with them to the path of greatness or it will a deadly enmity between you and the rest of the others. It is a responsibility that lies on your shoulder to lead your kingdom and make it the GREATEST amongst all.

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