Magic 8 Ball Review

Today we are reviewing the online Magic 8 Ball game by Legomenon. Do you remember the Mattel Magic 8 ball toy from when you were a kid? If you are from the USA you probably do – the game was very popular in the late 1980s and 1990s! The Magic 8 Ball by Mattel was made from plastic, but the magic eight ball game on the Legomenon website is fully digital and accessible with any internet connection! Read our review of the very addictive and fun Magic 8 ball game now below!

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Magic 8 Ball Game by Legomenon

The Magic 8 Ball Game will always have a soft place in our hearts! All you have to do to play is ask a yes or no question and the black magic ball will give you a mysterious answer back to whatever your question, no matter how secret it is! Some of the fun answers you can receive are: Concentrate and ask again, Outlook good, Most likely, and my favorite: reply hazy, ask again later! I played this game all afternoon when I was supposed to be working. It was so fun, I couldn’t stop. Magic 8 Ball, will I be rich? Not if I keep playing this game all day instead of doing my job!

Magic 8 Ball Game Review

The design of the Legomenon Magic 8 Ball is very fresh and modern-looking. I did some research and checked out some other magic eight-ball games online and none of the games I found were as cool and fun as the one from I showed the game to my friend later on my phone and the app worked well on mobile and smartphones, too. The interactive Magic 8 ball from Legomenon is a very good game with solid design and programming. If you are looking for a magic eight-ball game online, this is definitely the one I would recommend to you.

Where did the Magic eight ball come from?

Where did the idea of the magic 8-ball toy even come from? The game was invented by a man named Albert Carter. His mother was a fortune-teller, and that gave him the idea to create this special psychic game. At first, the game was not very popular because it was designed to be similar to a crystal ball. However, when Carter updated the design to look like the black pool and billiards “8” ball, the toy became very common amongst children and young adults. Now the Magic 8 ball is a popular toy and game in the United States, and you can even play it online now! 4D results.

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