Final Fantasy Games Remakes Will Be A Gold Mind For Square Enix

Square Enix has suffered financially for many years despite their amazing titles. They have made some mistakes such as going on too long with the Final Fantasy 13 series and also the failure that Final Fantasy 15 was. However, they have learned from their mistakes and after the success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, they have perfected a formula for the success of the company and the success of future Final Fantasy games.

With Final Fantasy 8 Remake, Square Enix learned that nostalgia is profitable however, when done right and staying true to the original source material, it can win the hearts of gamers old and new. Square Enix was able to combine good storytelling with an absolutely new and brilliant battle system. People were afraid of how the battle system would turn out since the original Final Fantasy games were turn-based. However, with the new generation of console gaming, not everyone likes the whole turn-based battle system yet Square Enix was able to give a little bit of both.

Being able to switch characters plus the being able to customized character abilities was a satisfying experience for gamers.

Not only are old fans of the franchise happy to see it in amazing realistic graphics but also, they were able to enjoy the game with a new battle system.

Final Fantasy games have come a long way. Square Enix is sure to use this in future Final Fantasy games. They have announced that they want to remake old titles but only games after Final Fantasy 6 and beyond. That means there is a chance that Final Fantasy 9 and 8 will be remade.

As for Final Fantasy 10, there is no need for it to have a remake. The graphics are good enough as they are. Square Enix also has to be careful because remaking old title means that they are going to have to create games that are large files with over 100GB. That is one of the reasons why Square Enix took so long with Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Hopefully, Final Fantasy 6 gets a remake as well as FF9 even though it does not get the attention and praise it deserves.

These remakes will be a gold mine for Square Enix. Adapting them to the new consoles could save them from their financial problems.

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