Geometry Dash Review

Geometry Dash is a series of five computer games created by Sweden-based engineer Robert Topala, and distributed by his very own organization, RobTop Games. The chief game, Geometry Dash, is a musicality based platforming game which at present has 21 authority levels and a game creation framework with in excess of 50 million online levels made by players. Each of the official levels highlights one of a kind ambient melodies. Different highlights incorporate “map packs,” mystery vaults, and an assortment of symbols and game modes.

It is available for all platform including PC, iOS, and Android. Download Geometry Dash APK for mobile phones. It’s free.

Geometry Dash Game play

Geometry Dash utilizes a touchscreen or console/mouse (contingent upon adaptation) to control various vehicles that respond when a player presses anyplace on the touchscreen and can be held down to always collaborate with specific vehicles. Clients can’t control the speed at which the symbol is moving. The planning and musicality of the in-game music are key pieces of the game, regularly in connection to one another. The target of the game is to finished a level by arriving at its end. On the off chance that the player collides with an impediment, they should begin once again from the beginning. The player-character can take up to seven separate structures, which act distinctively with every cooperation. The vehicle the character takes is changed by seven entryways, every one of which is an alternate shading. The conduct of these modes can be changed further, for example, switching the game view or including a subsequent player-character.


As indicated by Robert Topala, the game started as a task that could have moved toward any path. He made the comment, “There was actually no point by point plan… it essentially began as a format with a block that could crash and jump”. He recently created it for the PC, however later modified his arrangement and made endeavors to make it a versatile game.

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