Gods & Monsters Game Review

Team Ubisoft always has thought-provoking adventure titles. Just like in Odyssey, the Ubisoft team doesn’t angle off from Greek tales. Only difference, Gods & Monsters makes the scene as a Greek mythology story, unlike Assassins Creed which featured history storylines. 

It has become the norm; you don’t expect Ubisoft to futz around with titles. With Gods & Monsters, you have a new fantasy adventure to await. You can count on the title for excitement, exploration and knowledge acquisition from mythical gods.

It’s a game for everyone. From kids to adults. With an all-inclusive storyline, combat, and the subtle crafting expect no surprises. 

Set on a 3D palette, hype apart, the game features unreal graphics that engross in the immersive extraordinary sceneries of the mythical island. With a view so expansive and vivid, your journey looks like a stream through utopia.

More, it’s an accosting expedition as you combat with unreal monsters of Greek and gothic creatures so deadly. It’s a mettle test designed to elevate your battling prowess, entertain and empower you with bountiful wisdom. Perplexing puzzles and appalling quests mark episodes of the game, making it a haven for players in search of games to test their minds or build their analytical knack.

Gods & Monsters will release on February 25, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia, and Switch. You can find it on https://www.gamivo.com.

What God & Monsters Story Entails

Gods & Monsters tasks you with a dreadful challenge to take on the Typhon, a deadly creature in charge of monsters marauding the Isle of the Blessed. It’s an epic journey traversing terrifying terrains and sceneries. You’re all up by yourself against mythical creatures, your goal is to save the greek gods of Olympus from downfall.

The gods count you, their hero, chicken out and Typhon takes control of the Island. For once, you can grace the powers of the gods. Don their powers and you can fight on and off the ground. Fly around the Island exploring the unique sceneries as you strategize to wipe the floor with Typhon.

Don’t let the scenes and powers get into your head. Typhon and his team won’t let restoration of the gods come easy. Unnerving battles rock every attempt to take control of the Isle and the Mt Olympus. Complete episodes, outwit the monsters and build your status as their hero. It’s up to you to appease the gods and return the favor by conquering Typhon. Takedown the monster and you’ll turn into a revered legend of the isle.

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