GTA Vice City – Gameplay & Facts

Every gamer loves the GTA Series and keeps waiting for the new ones to come and Rockstar never disappoints its fans and yet again with GTA Vice City the expectations were so high and Rockstar yet again proved to be worthy of the fan’s love for the game as GTA Vice City is top of the class game ever produced by rockstar or any other studio and also one of the most played games of all time.

Grand theft Auto (GTA) Vice City is an action-adventure game which is set within a fictional state of Vice City and it is based on the story of Tommy Vercetti who has just recently done his time in prison and is set free and now he wants to get to the top of the drug game. It is developed by the very famous Rockstar north and was published by Rockstar Games in the year of 2002 and it comes after GTA III in GTA series which was also very popular but nothing compared to the fame of GTA Vice City as it holds records for the highest earner of its time. On the first day of its release, GTA Vice City made a record-breaking sell of 17.5 million copies. and it was considered one of the most significant titles of the 6th generation game. and also one of the most played games as players still play this game after its release to date. So Yeah Proud moment for us Gamers isn’t?gta vice city

GTA Vice City – Gameplay

The Game revolves around the story of a protagonist named Tommy Vercetti after its release from the prison Tommy seeks revenge from the drug lords of the city. Some missions are very quick and easy while others require skills and efforts to finish. And there are certainly some new features introduced to the GTA series which makes the game more sophisticated as there are many gangs around the city like the Haitians, bike gangs and Cubans who has very unique personality and different weapons.

And as always GTA Vice City is more than just mission-based game, You can explore the huge open world and do tons of different things like stealing the cars, or doing the side missions to earn money as well as respect, or just mess around with the cops to a very high wanted level just for fun. Or you can play many other games in the game itself like, casino games, RC cars on the beach, betting, shooting and tons of other cool stuff.

But mostly the game is focused on the missions to unlock different parts of the world as they are not unlocked at the start of the game.

Facts about GTA Vice City

  • Collectible money packages are actually filled with cocaine powder.
  • The fastest cars in GTA Vice City are Infernus and another one is Hotring racer.
  • The hardest mission is the demolition man in which you have to control an RC helicopter to blow up the building.
  • There are no children in the game.

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