PUBG video Game Facts, Tips and Tricks you should know

PUBG is one of the greatest game in the world, and from numerous points of view set up the battle royale kind that is currently found in games from Fortnite to the new Call of Duty. In the midst of a large number of updates to its fundamental rival.

The developers have at long last reported that PUBG players on Xbox will, at any rate, get another guide, known as Miramar. It is desert-themed and will show up in the game notwithstanding the first map, Erangel, which had a Soviet theme.

Developers said they had made the new guide to be an “immeasurably unique Battle Royale experience”. It will expect gamers to play in all respects in an unexpected way, it stated, and will organize different sorts of aptitudes from the first map.

It likewise has new weapons and new vehicles. They incorporate a get truck. The game will likewise now incorporate acts out, another component that has been available for quite a while in Fortnite. They can be chosen by squeezing LB and RB simultaneously, which will raise a committed menu.

pubg tips and tricks

PUBG Facts

There are some PUBG Facts, you should know before playing.

  • It was first released for Stream platform on 23rd March 2017.
  • PUBG is the subsequent smash-hit game with 24 million copies.
  • PUBG set a precedent for the most online player without a moment’s delay playing the game.
  • On iOS PUBG earned an expected $5.5 million.
  • For the long stretch of February 2017, PUBG’s income was $103 million.
  • There are four favorite maps in PUBG for players who can pick anybody to play with companions.
  • PUBG became popular without any advertisement.
  • Erangel is one of the most popular maps in PUBG.
  • In PUBG BP is known as the battle point in PUBG.
  • In PUBG UC is known as Unknown Currency.
  • There are around 500 million people have played PUBG.
  • PUBG is available for iOS, Android, X-BOX, Windows and soon available for PlayStation.

PUBG Tips & Tricks

Here is some tips and tricks for PUBG’s player, you can read more nice PUBG tips.

  • You must keep an eye open for other players.

When you are visiting another area, keep an eye open for indications of movement.

  • You do not discount the Shotgun.

From the start, the shotgun probably won’t appear the best weapon.

  • You must keep changing the Armor.

The protection in PUBG wears out as you participate in the battle. So it’s ideal to continue exchanging it when the defensive layer drains.

  • You always play clever.

Do not panic. Do not play hastily. Take your time and make the right decision.

  • Find your weapon and stick with it.

When you’re playing to win, you’ll need trustworthy weapons. After a few games, you will make able to figure out which firearm you are most comfortable with.

  • Get a scope.

Once you have selected the perfect gun, hunt the right attachment.

  • Do not lie down when you are getting sniped.

When somebody is sniping at you from a long distance, your first sense is to lie down the ground. I did this mistake many times.

  • Always use headphones.
  • You must wait for the right moment.
  • Select vehicles wisely.

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