The best card game Tapped Four

No matter how much you talk, no matter how many movies you watch, the family and friend gatherings get quite boring unless there is something fun which is new and interesting. Same old songs, movies, and games can be very boring and not fun at all. However, introducing a new game to your friends and family will definitely bring a smile to their faces and they will certainly show interest and excitement in it.

To bring excitement and interest in the same old gatherings, we introduce you all to tapped four. Tapped four is basically a card game which has various benefits and is quite easy to learn. The best thing is that it is not confined to people of a certain age group. Any person who likes the game and learns it is able to play it with other players. Talking about the players, this game allows 2-8 people to play it initially, however, if more people want to play then you will need an extension deck. With the extension deck, 2-11 people will be able to play which means that all the family members will be able to play at the same time.

It is a strategic card game, where you need to make sure that you keep getting rid of the cards that are present in your hands. If you are one who has the lowest score then you are the winner but if anyone else has the lowest score then they are the winner. To win this game, you need to have the lowest score.

Some benefits that this game comes with are as follow:

  1. Fast and easy to learn:

In the market, there is a variety of card and board games available but they are so complex and difficult to learn that the players lose confidence in themselves and eventually stop playing the game. However, tapped four is easy so people of all ages can learn it fast and play it.

  • Portable:

This game includes only decks of cards which are easy to carry anywhere unlike the games which come with so many pieces that people lose them and the game becomes useless.

  • Affordable:

You might be thinking that this game has so many benefits so it must be expensive but that’s not true, this game is very affordable. You don’t have to spend unnecessary money on this card game.

If you have got the game then you must be preparing to play it, so, let’s go through the process of how you play tapped four. Tapped four is easy and fun, the major goal is to get rid of the cards that are in your hand. Whoever has the greatest number of cards in a round, loses that round. Any person who has fewer cards in hand will move towards winning.

You start playing by placing the cards in the middle. In order to get rid of the cards in your hand, you have to try to play the highest cards. Once you play the highest card, the other player has to play a card which is equal in number to your card or a card smaller than what you have played. Otherwise, the player who failed to play a smaller card has to take the whole stack.

If you see that there is a total of four cards played of the same number then you can tap the cards with your hand and then move them towards the discard pile. After doing that, you get an extra turn. Extra turns are good because the more turns you get, the more likely it is that you will lose the cards in your hands.

There are special cards as well, the first special card is a tap in, with a tap in, you can play an extra turn and the other special card is tap out, with tap out other players have to lose their turn.

Tapped four is a creation of Marilyn and Dorene, both of them are game enthusiasts and their aim of creating this game was to make sure that the families are entertained at the family gatherings instead of being bored. They created this game to bring the excitement of people back.

tapped four

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