Zoom vs Google Meet: Which video conferencing App is Better?

Video conferencing App:- These days especially due to the amid spread of the Corona Virus, people are stuck at their homes, and Thus Meetings and conferences are being held on applications such as Zoom And Google Meet. And today we will be taking you thru an analysis on which app is better and what’s best for you 🙂

Zoom Video Conferencing App


Zoom is a Chinese-American based Video/web conferencing application, that is very famous these days, This app offers a lot of features to its users such as allowing up to 500 People in one server.

Though this app is very amazing and supports most types of Operating systems, this app also has had some data breaching issues lately that was a big problem recently. Thus Zoom has told that the Free version data might be used but if users buy the premium version then the Data of the app is encrypted from both ends.  The features of zoom as we all know are almost as similar as Google’s meet as well. Here we share how to us zoom for windows 10.

Google Meet Video Conferencing App

Google Meet
Google Meet

This app is a newer edition of Google Hangout and chats combined to form a Video conferencing and meeting application that can withhold about 250 participants in one call, Though the capacity is less still this app offers every feature for Free, and also here There are no charges applicable of any sort, whereas in Zoom most features are locked till you pay them. And Google also does not charge for incalls, whereas Zoom does that.

Google meet is a free app with no advertisements that are solely an American based app from the Most trusted company the Google Inc

A Brief Comparision Between both Video Conferencing app(s)

Google Meet, as well as Zoom, are quite similar applications as both of them have the same features, to be honest.  They both have the features where people can share screen, supporting Incalls (though Zoom charges) and just the difference which occurs in both of the applications is the number of participants that are allowed is double in Zoom.

Pros and cons of Both Video conferencing App(s)


Zoom App Google Meet
Can Share the Screen contents Can Share the Screen contents as well
Host 500 people at a time Free Account and no charges
Works with Linux and most operating systems Send files from the chat option
has various tools Additional Tools available
Raise hand  and notify the meeting head for any doubt No fee to call in.


Zoom App Google Meet
Cost and charges to call in The user interface is not as good as Zoom.
Can not use on a browser with pop-ups enabled. It cannot host up to 500 participants.
The app had reported for data breaching. Not very stable on Mac.

Conclusion and Final thoughts on the best video conferencing app

Both applications are quite amazing and remarkable on their own, but in our opinion, We must suggest if you do not have a problem with 250 max participants and want to attend quick and fast meetings then go for Google Meet as it is a more secure inexpensive and easy way. and if you want a dedicated Live video app then go for the pro version of Zoom as the pro version might cost a bit but it can allow you to get up to 500 Participants on one call.

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