Crossword Cove HD Review

Among many other words game out there on the internet, Crossword Cove is one worth playing. Crossword Cove is like any other crossword games, simply by following the rules fill the answers down and across the puzzle.


players are required to solve the crossword puzzle and hints are given on the left side of the screen. Type down the word across and down in the game.


Difficulty level

In Crossword Cove players are allowed to select the levels of difficulties, the levels of difficulties ranging from Easy to Hard, and game will be in accordance with the chosen level.


Players will also be given the option whether to avail the time option or not, by selecting the timer option one can see that how much time one has taken to solve the complete puzzle and without the timer option being selected one can solve the puzzle with ease and take their time thinking the answers to a particular clue and fill the puzzle across and down and there is no need to hurry while solving the puzzle. But by turning on the clock and by solving the puzzle faster in fewer time players will earn more points and rewards.

Save Game

Crossword Cove also aids players by giving them the option to take and break while solving a puzzle so players are not required to solve the puzzle at once and they can take a break and start playing again from where they have left the game.


One can also choose to solve as many puzzles as he can from the calendar option, players can browse the calendar and choose to solve any puzzle they want from puzzles of the last three months.


Apart from such a handy feature proved to the players of the game, players are also given the option to choose a theme before starting the game the theme includes Tropical, Pacific Northwest, and Cape Cod while solving the puzzle players will rejoice by the serene sound of sea waves.

You may play Outspell Word similar game as Crossword Cove HD.

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