Geometry Dash Game Review

Geometry Dash APK is a simple but very challenging fast-paced game in which player has to control one of the 4 characters either a Block, cube, a ball or a UFO and has to jump through an interactive obstacle course without getting hit and avoiding all the traps within the level. As the player progress increases the game difficulty level bumps up with even harder to cross obstacles and enemies.

The main focus of the game is timing, as the player has to jump at the very right moment to avoid the obstacles and survive. but once the players hit any obstacle the game is over and the player has to start all over again. Sounds hardcore right?

But even with this simple gameplay, the game is pretty fun to play.

Officially the game has 21 levels and within each level, there are 3 coins that player has to collect that he/she can use to unlock the last three levels of the game. But the best part is that players can create their own levels by using the creator mode within the game.

So if you are looking for hours of fun and excitement we recommend you play this game! and you won’t be bored anymore.

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