Best ROM Games, You Should Know

Many of us have heard of ROM games these are games that we used to play on our PCs. If you know about that then you probably have played one of the best ROM games gameplay has played in the golden days of PC gaming is SUPER SMASH BRO’S.

Super Smash Bros

is one of the crossovers fighting games that include characters from Super Mario, The Legends of Zelda, Star FOX, F-Zero, Yoshi, Kirby, Pokemon and Donkey kong? Characters from these games include Mario, LUIGI, Link, FOX, Samus Aran, Captian Falcon, Kirby, Yoshi, Metal Mario, Master hand, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, and many others.


The gameplay of this game is pretty simple because it is a fighting game so beat you, opponent, down OKAY but here is the beauty part you can not knock your opponent by hitting him and lowering his energy bar but instead of that you have to knock your opponent off the stage or ground where you both fighting.

Battleground or stage where the fight takes place is hovering and players have to knock each other to win the battle. You can punch, kick, hit an opponent with a special move or you can grab through him out of the stage. To help you eliminate your counterpart you will also be provided with different tools and weapons. One can use these to inflict more damage on the opponent. Tools/Weapon includes Guns, lightsabers, Fairy sticks, Bombs, Capsules. Etc.

In case if you are damaged and you are most likely to be knocked off then SuperMario mushroom Bonus and Heart will assist you in recovering your health. The game is worth playing and you will surely experience Nostalgia while playing with your favorite characters from classic games like SuperMario and others.

While talking about these ROM games many of us had also played games from Sega Genesis, Sega offers us Games Like Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2

It is a platform based game in which Sonic is also accompanied by Tails.


The gameplay is almost as same as the previous version but with some changes. A player can play as Sonic and tails or with both on latter stages of the game players has to play with Sonic and Tails is with him throughout the level.

The game is divided into several stages and each stage has two or three different levels and in the final level, a player faces the Boss Robotnik. When players will be attacked by an enemy it will fall off the screen and start from the last checkpoint and his life will be reduced and if he dies without ring again then Game is over and a player has to start from the beginning.

The game has also a special stage where players will experience the 3D world and will have to collect certain numbers of Rings to obtain a Chaos Emerald. The game also has a mode where players compete against each other in a split-screen and compete through regular levels.

These games remind me of the Era of Rom games which were played on a particular Emulator. One can play these games Like SuperSmash Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog and many other ROM games like Pokemon- fire red Version, Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Vegas Stakes, Desert fight and many others on their Laptops, Smartphone and other devices just by visiting our website (

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