Star Wars: The Old Republic

It all starts in the cinematic trailer of the SW where Two Jedis namely SATELE SHAN and her master KAO CEN DARA CH were taking a prisoner to the prison and all of a sudden the base was attacked by THE SITHS. The JEDIS of THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC had a breathtaking fight with THE SITHS and the fight ends up on SATELE SHAN escaping the base and her master is dead as the result of fighting alone with the two SITHS and THE SITHS taking over the KORRIBAN again.

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SWTOR is a multiplayer role play game. Where players will join any of the two-party, it could be THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC or THE SITH EMPIRE. By joining one of the player’s main goal is to achieve their own ends by the means of these two; players will achieve these ends by completing missions, exploring new things and defeating enemies. Players can complete their mission either alone or can also advance through the game by joining hands in hand with the other players.


There are currently eight playable classes in the game four belong to the GALACTIC Republic AND four to the SITHS; the GATACTICS includes: JEDI KNIGHT, JEDI CONSULAR, REPUBLIC TROOPER and SMUGGLER and THE SITHS have SITH WARRIOR, SITH INQUISITOR, IMPERIAL AGENT and BOUNTY HUNTER. The selection of the class will define the type of character a player will have and each class has its own pros and cons like some are good at ranged fight some good at melee, some has tanking skills etc. choice of the class depends solely upon the players.


A complete range of different species is made available for the player to select from and play with. These includes CHISS, CYBORG, HUAMN, MIRALUKA, MIRIALAN, RATTATAKI, SITH PUREBLOOD, TWI’LEK, ZABRAK, CATHAR, TOGRUTA. Only three of the species are free to play while other are available after the purchase.

Apart from the classes and species there are number of things in the game like planets, bestiary, locations, starships, war zones and many others which make the game the complete entertainment and the best time killing package.

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