What do you need to become an elo booster in League of Legends

Once you reach the top of the ladder in League of Legends, there are many ways to make money with all the skills you got. For example, you can try to contact professional teams to join them, stream your games on different platforms, do coaching for beginners or any people who need to improve themselves or become an elo booster. This last solution isn’t the most known and, usually, people don’t really know how it works so they don’t are hesitating. Here is what you need to work as a Professional LoL booster.

Visit elo boosting websites

Almost every website is working the same way, but take a look at what the different companies are looking for. Some companies only look for the best (higher than Master tier) whereas others don’t really care as long as you complete the boosts in a short period of time and respect every rule. Don’t forget to leave them a message to ask them if they are hiring and send them your opgg profile.

Only play to win

The main skill expected from a booster is obviously being able to carry most of the games, even if the level is high and his teammates are not good.  If someone isn’t at least a Master tier, he only has a very low chance to be accepted by a boosting service. A strong mental attitude is also very important to keep focusing on winning every single game at any division.

Be available as often as possible

Anyone who wants to work as a League of Legends booster needs to have a lot of free time. It’s sometimes exhausting and you never know exactly how much time you need to complete a specific order. To do duo boosts, the player has to be able to play at the same time than the customer so he needs to adapt to this situation.


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