Yuna cosplay costume from the game final fantasy X

Yuna is the protagonist and the favorite female character of most of the final fantasy x lovers because of her innocent and naìve yet powerful personality as a summoner and her aspiration to end the sins of the dark world. But that’s not all there is about Yuna that everyone loves, it’s also her costume that drives her fans crazy now more than ever.

Yuna Costume Cosplay

Yuna Costume Cosplay

She usually wears a purple-flowered dress with a black camisole and a white sash cloth around the chest  and over her neck and on top of that she wears a yellow obi along with black boots and her arms are covered with the same white-cloth sleeves hanging separately. Yuna’s Costume makes her look stunning and beautiful and it brings out her innocence and the delicate features she holds within her.

Yuna cosplay costume from the final fantasy X game has drawn a lot of attention from people all around the world and people are spending thousands of dollars to buy her cosplay costume. So if you are Luna’s superfan then this costume is a must-have item for your wardrobe, you can wear it for any special occasion like Halloween or costume party to make your family and friends go into awe and love with you and to make you feel even more special than you already are. We suggest that match your outfit with a small blue beaded earing like Yuna does on her right ear, which goes perfectly well with long hairs.

Fortunately, for all final fantasy lovers, with you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank because it gives you the best value for your bucks with custom-made size options and precise measurements as the original costume, so grab your cosplay costumes right now and make your imagination come to reality with us, but hurry up before stock runs out.

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